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Program “For young-at-heart” is created specially for elderly people, who feel young-at-heart and want to feel young in body!

In this program we combine different dancing Latin-American styles and adapt them specially for your age group. Excersises from this program help you to tone your body, to lose excess weight, to augment joint mobility, to make your posture better and even to solve some problems with spine.

It’s time to take care of yourself and make your body better. Today you can do it with pleasure in easy and fun way. Modern programs let you to do sport and to dance without any embarrassment and eventually to show a good results. Besides that the “For young-at-heart” program helps you to find and build a new circle of friends, so in that way improve your spiritual life. Nothing can’t be healthier than communications with good people with same active life position.

Youth is not just an age, it is a soul condition you can achieve, if you try a little bit.


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