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Welcome to the chamber dance school located in the very heart of Prague – in The Golden Melon house (Dům U Zlateho melounu) near the Old Town Square. Our school has more than a century of dance history with its origins traced to 1828.

This was the place where  famous dance school was situated where artists, nobles  and their families used to dance. For the first time doors of the school were opened by talented Hynek Link. Later school continued to develop under the guidance of his no less famous son Karel Link.

Here took place the first  Taneční beseda in Czech Republic and it has  promptly become popular among local bohemians.  Adolf Hejduk, Vítězslav Hálek, Jan Neruda  were among the guests and students of the school. This was the place where Jan Neruda met Anna Golinova, love of his life. In addition, this house has been the center of Prague’s cultural renaissance. In the 1860s The Golden Melon house became famous in the world of music. The piano rental store was opened here. Lovely music gatherings took place in its premises. Among the guests were a lot of famous people like Anton Rubinstein, Hans von Bülow, Petr Čajkovskij, Otakar Ševčík, Sergej Rachmaninov, Edvard Grieg and other outstanding composers and performers. Thanks to its rich history The Golden Melon House was considered  a symbol of Prague’s cultural renaissance of the 19th century. It has been well-known not only in the Czech Republic but all around Europe. This building  was famous also for its art galleries and workshops.

The Golden Melon  house is officially recognized as a cultural heritage monument. Everyone who enters these antique doors feels the energy of this building that has inspired people for over a century. Studio Baila continues  dance traditions of this place. Thanks to the efforts of Studio Baila one of the halls of the famous school is now reopened.

why to choose Studio Baila

Only in our studio you can attend author’s classes created by Anastasia Zhukova. There are no analogues of our studio, since all programs are copyrighted and developed individually by the teachers of our studio, and their use is possible only within our “walls”. All programs, regardless of the direction, perfectly complement each other, which gives even greater results and effectiveness from classes.

An individual approach to each student is important for us, we strictly follow the technique of execution, taking into account the individual capabilities of each student, adjusting it and giving personal recommendations, focusing on the personal abilities and capabilities of the body.

After 3 months, we change the dancing programs. The musical accompaniment, the load, movements, exercises, themes and “mood” of the program are changing depending on the season. Thus, with each program you reach a higher level. Three months is the most optimal time for the student to master the program, manage to get used to it and see significant results. Then you are going to be ready for a new program, in which there will be new ligaments, movements and basic elements of dance that can expand the capabilities and load, thereby constantly improving your dancing skills and your body. We exclude elements of dance and fitness that can harm our students, thereby making the programs as useful and effective as possible for absolutely everyone, keeping a good load and giving the opportunity to develop.

Our priority is to develop our students comprehensively:

– the musical component is important for us (the student must learn to hear and feel music, rhythm);

– competent dance techniques (we provide a “high-quality” base and we pay special attention to the technique of execution);

– the physical component (physical fitness affects the level in the development of the dance);

– the psychological aspect, emotional relief (full immersion in the lesson, memory development, getting rid of stress – since the lessons directly affect the emotional state of a person).

We look forward to seeing you at Studio BAILA!


You can choose any class of your choice.

We will assist you not only in mastering your skills but you will also experience positive emotions and have a good mood.

There are no limits - the more you strive for something, the farther you go.

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