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Conception of modern dance consists of a freedom and expressiveness of moving, which give you an amazing possibility to express your feelings in a bright colours. Modern form of the dance dramatically distinguishings from its predecessor, where the main accent is in strict rules and norms, however the basic parts of the modern dance are moving and steps from classical ballet. It is free and universal dance without any standards and borders.

The dance is a good way to know yourself better. It is a chance to be in harmony with yourself, to enjoy the freedom and to feel your body. The dance is a way to express your emotions and feelings of your soul, thoughts and ideas from your head.

The modern dance class in our school is a mix of jazz-modern, modern ballet and contemporary dance.

The dance practice makes you stronger, more flexible and enduring, gives you good physical condition and posture. It also expands musical talent, feeling of rhythm, coordination of movements and capability of own your body.


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