Magical, enchanting, romantic, passionate

About dance

Zouk – is a magical, enchanting, romantic and at the same time passionate dance who fall in love at first sight. Love, tenderness, sensuality sound in his every sound, palpable in his every movement. The variety of species it attracts quite a diverse audience of people.
Zouk – is a modern, rhythmic dance, which is performed under the musical rhythms of the Caribbean. Translated from Creole CCT (zouk) means “party”, it mixes the culture of England, France and the musical traditions of Africa, particularly in Angola and Cape Verde, the Antilles and even Arab motifs. Zouk – is a dance extravaganza with romantic overtones, combines motion and shape of the Latin

Numerous twists, beautiful hand movements, and long-term convergence of the partners of each other – it all combined in an amazing composition, which is woven into a smooth transition, the fast-moving. As a result, it becomes like a dance at the same time passionate flame of fire, and an endless stream of water – two things that you can watch beskonechno.

In our studio you can learn this beautiful dance from scratch, as well as attend master classes for advanced and fully learn this beautiful dance!

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