General terms and conditions when in Studio BAILA

  1. During the lessons you need to convert mobile phones into silent mode or install on an important challenge to a ringtone and respond to it outside the dance hall.
  2. If you are late to class, try without disturbing anyone, to go to the gym and take space. Occupation can not be delayed in the case of your late arrival.
  3. In case of delay more than 15 minutes Studio reserves the right to refuse admission to the occupation. Being late for more than 15 minutes, may be hazardous to the health of the Apprentice. Studio is not liable for injuries caused by the Pupil.
  4. Please pre-warn your teacher about your absence in class via a mobile call or SMS.
  5. Necessarily the presence of clothes and shoes recommended by a teacher. Studio reserves the right to refuse to attend classes without changing shoes.
  6. Visiting adult dance styles obligatory presence of silicone Heel to heel dance shoes.
  7. It is necessary to clean up after the occupation of the entire equipment (mats, chairs) in the designated areas. Students studios are financially liable for any loss or damage Studios. In the case of damage to property, the one who caused the damage, the studio pays the full cost of the item to which the damage of the check on the goods and pay a penalty 1000 CZK.
  8. Empty used plastic cups need to throw in the trash after drinking.
  9. Please do not use perfume or deodorant with a pungent odor to the occupation and in the locker room. Activities associated with deep breathing and concentration, and the sharp smell of perfumes interfere breathe deeply and focus in the classroom. Constant practice makes sense of smell is very sensitive, and that for one low odor, for the practitioner can be unbearable. This applies especially to the trainers, which among other things has to focus on the conduct of the competent training.
  10. Chewing gums are asked to throw out before the start of classes in the box and stick it in the hall in visible or invisible places, creating unsightly premises.
  11. The student is personally responsible for their health. Visiting sessions in the studio, students (and for minor children – his parents) ensures that his state of health allows it to engage in physical activity. Student must at medical contraindications to the active load to notify about this teacher. All risks of injury pupil takes over if the recommendation violates the medical conclusion.
  12. It is forbidden to visit the studio in a state of intoxication.
  13. Studio reserves the right in exceptional cases, to change the place of employment, the current schedule and implement the replacement teacher.
  14. If you have changed the phone number, please mention it at the teacher. As sometimes possible to cancel a class, we do sms-mailing, notifying the change in the schedule.
  15. Accompanying persons are not permitted in the gym. Waiting area is a reception area.
  16. Administration Studios is not responsible for valuables customers. Valuables can take with them in a bag in the room, and leave the bag in the classroom at school, in the place, do not bother to dance.
  17. When medical contraindications to the active loads, and / or if you feel unwell notify choreographer and administrator Studios. Studio is not responsible for the state of health of the client.
  18. The client must go to the studio in time – for 5-15 minutes before the beginning of classes, presenting a subscription administrator Studios.
  19. Customer must comply with the purity of the Studio and the rules of public order.
  20. To carry out photo and video during the session can only be with the permission of the head teacher or school.
  21. Bringing the Studio any weapons, explosive, flammable and toxic substances.

USING dressing room

  1. Dressing is designed to store your belongings only during your classes at the Studio. Please do not leave their belongings in the locker room and lockers after class. For the forgotten things in the room and the locker room, lost or left unattended, Studio is not responsible.
  2. Found forgotten things stored in the studios for 2 weeks, and then recycled.


  1. Subscription dance studio «BAILA» A disciple is the right to use paid services Studio for its validity.
  2. The term of the subscription is determined from the moment of activation and is valid for the number of classes (in a row) in accordance with a paid subscription. Subscription has an expiration date, which is determined by a fixed number of sessions or a certain period of time.
  3. Season tickets can be used only one person without the right to its use by others.
  4. You can restore up to two missed classes during the term of your subscription, with the proviso that you warn the teacher and the head of the studio in advance of his absence. Renew a subscription for this period is impossible, but you can move the two classes to attend to another group, which group it decides to head of the studio and offers a season ticket holder group to choose from.
  5. The cost of season tickets sold is not refundable. The cost of season tickets are not refundable and is indivisible. Refunds for unused subscription or “burned” activity is not carried out.
  6. The change has already paid the dance direction to another direction or another time employment is possible with additional approval of the teacher and leader.
  7. Individual classes are held on the fact of 100% prepayment before class. Schedule of private lessons is agreed with the teacher, with the reserved time convenient for you. Cancellation or transfer of employment possible, to inform the teacher no later than 24 hours before the start of classes. Failure to attend pre-booked and unpaid services without prior notice entitles the studio to put the debt pupils.
  8. You can change the time and day of individual lessons, telling the teacher and the head of the changes no later than one day. Canceling sessions on the same day requires you to pay in full activity.
  9. To transfer classes for a good reason (illness, business trip) the holder of Subscription is required to inform the teacher / head of the studio of absenteeism and to clarify its cause. Otherwise, the lesson will be considered used.
  10. Payments Studios constitutes acceptance of the visitor with all the rules Studios and obliges it to implement such.
  11. Customer Studios need to pass the appropriate registration procedure -zapolnenie profiles, obtaining and registration of the subscription. Have an identity document of the Customer, is obligatory.
  12. Studio can modify the schedule, as well as to replace the choreographer, if the main choreographer for whatever reason (vacation, illness, care of the studio, etc.) can not lead classes. When replacing choreographer clients’ money for engaging in or subscribe Studio does not return.
  13. The client can pay for each class (single payment) or buy a subscription. Payment for the purchase of a single occupation or subscription confirms that the Customer agrees to these rules Studios
  14. Before the start of each session to the Client must pass a subscription administrator Studios for registration, and at the end of your stay in the studio to pick it up. Admission to the occupation takes place strictly on subscription or pay-per-one (one-time) employment. In case of loss of the subscription client has a right to its restoration (on this matter should contact the administrator of the Studio).
  15. Studio reserves the right to refuse to visit a single client group lessons at its overcrowding, as well as attendance at a group session for up to 4 people (inclusive) to reduce the activity up to 1 hour at the request of the choreographer.

In case of violation of this Regulation, the administration Studios is entitled to cancel the subscription without refund or not to allow the Client to class.

Rules of attending dance studio BAILA for children

  1. Children Subscription entitles children to attend group sessions in accordance with the general rules Studios.
  2. Parent warrants (confirmed by a medical certificate from a doctor) that the health of his child allows him to engage in physical activity (dance, gymnastics).
  3. If you have a child of any disease requiring periodic medication, and at the risk of emergency situations related to the disease, parents are obliged to declare in writing about it when you make a child.
  4. The studio has the right to refuse to provide services to the child with the presence of severe disease.
  5. If you suspect that a child has an acute and / or chronic infectious and / or skin disease attendance at Studio prohibited. Failure to comply with this rule Studio reserves the right to suspend a child from attendance in the studio to complete recovery.
  6. Parent shall promptly notify the teacher about the child’s illness Studios and at the request of the teacher to present a certificate from the hospital after his health and the lack of contact with infectious patients.
  7. When inadequate child’s behavior (aggression, hysterical states, intentional damage to property, etc.), which creates inconvenience and / or discomfort for other children and adults, parents and accompanying persons are obliged to take the child to the class. If these situations are systematic Studio has the right to refuse service.
  8. Parents can ask the teacher all your questions concerning the conduct classes for 10 minutes before class or after class. At other times, the teacher works with a group of children and distract it is not recommended.
  9. Parents are personally responsible for the life and health of their children in the territory Studios, except during a visit of group and individual lessons.
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