Mirna PavlovicDance teacher


    – Working in various dance groupes – D-Team Czech Republic, Sweet Sugars, Aisha, La Clave de Osha by Doris Martinez
    – concert tour of the famous Czech singer Karel Gott- Lady Carneval (CZ, SK)
    – concert tour of the cuban singer Dariel Martinez (CZ, SK, A)
    – concert El Yonky (A)
    – participation in the video of Croatian singer Sandi Cenov (CRO)
    – performances and animation in theaters and clubs
    -dance teacher of various dance stiles – classic and modern afro, Latin American dances, oriental dances, Caribbean, Brazilian and Cuban dances
    – Work for famous dance schools in Croatia (Diva, Buena Vista) as a dance teacher and head of the dance group
    – Dance classes for children in the school Rytmik (Prague, CZ)

    – Course of modern dance (CZ)
    – Course of Latin American dances and couple dance (Dance School Jiřího Dolečka, CZ)
    – classes L.A. Salsa (CZ)
    – Dance Teacher Course -oriental dance (Dance School Aisha, CZ)
    – Dance Teacher Course- Afro-Cuban dances and Cuban salsa (CZ)
    – Course Brazilian Samba Carnival
    – Dance Teacher Course- African dance, salsa, reggaeton and afrocuban dances

    Course Description

    Salsa Ladies Styling
    The course is designed exclusively for girls, women and ladies who want to devote salsa regardless of whether they have a partner. Let’s learn the graceful movements of all kinds of salsa and practice dance steps and rhythms. Be focus on elegance and grace when dancing, expression of femininity and beauty. Art of women’s movements in salsa can help you at a dance in a pair same as it strengthening your independence in the solo dance.

    Afro Cuban Beats
    This course includes the arts and culture of African and Cuban traditions. We will learn to perceive the original dance culture which is originated in Africa. European and Cuban culture influenced the development of African dance and in the lessons of Afro Cuban Beats you will go through African dance from its beginnings to the development of modern African dance.

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