A beautiful and sensual dance

About dance

Kizomba – is a beautiful and sensual dance, subdued in recent years throughout the world. Memorable, “viscous” melodies and enchanting beauty of their movements Kizomba leave no one indifferent. For many experienced dancers, salsa and other Latin dances Kizomba become a breath of fresh air, a new horizon, passion. At the same time, this dance is perfect for those who are just starting tantsevat.Osvoenie basic steps in the dance Kizomba quite quickly, allowing anyone to start novichkusrazu Kizomba dance in discos and clubs. Kizomba dancers gradually improve their style, step by step passing to izucheniyubolee complicated dance moves. That is why Kizomba allows beginners to enjoy social dancing much earlier than any other pair of dance.

Kizomba – extremely musical dance that allows the pair to beat the finest nuances of the music. Kizomba can become close with the slow, very frank movements, requires men honed skills in and understanding of music and possibilities of his partner and the girl – sensual attention and ability to “listen” not only music, but also the movement of the partner. And vice versa – Kizomba dance can be more open, that is, at long range, with faster steps, Footwork (more footwork) and stunts.
Kizomba dance can be slow or fast, in a close embrace or Dumb distance from each other, but in any case Kizomba provides the opportunity to experience the warm and unique feeling that you want to repeat again and again …

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