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Contemporary dance is one of the new trends in modern dance, which combines both elements of Western dance (classical dance, modern jazz) and oriental art of movement (qigong, yoga, tai chi chuan). Moreover, this is a dance that does not have a specific form of style, because the main thing in it is self-expression. Contemporary is the flexibility and connection of body and mind through fluid movements with an emphasis on improvisation and versatility, as opposed to the strict culture of ballet. The parterre technique is often used – elements performed on the floor. Dance as an art is important in itself as it helps reduce stress and tension in both the mind and body. Contemporary dance is the key to this liberation.

Contemporary dance is directed rather inward than outward, so yoga is close to the contemporary dance. Contemporary dance lacks presentation, pathos, and its own position is important: «I am here and now». The dancer accumulates energy, thoughts, emotions inside himself, and then gives them to the viewer. But in order to accumulate, you need to immerse yourself in yourself, and for this – to know yourself.

Anyone can master this style. This does not require special training. The main thing is to learn to understand the voice of your body.

The lack of limitations allows you to fully reveal yourself, gives you amazing physical capabilities and an unforgettable experience.

Contemporary is an intellectual dance that allows you to balance the state of the body, psyche and soul. Thanks to such harmony, not only mood improves, but also well-being.

Some spiritual practices suggest giving the body as little attention as possible, considering it insignificant due to its temporary nature. Contemporary shows how important it is to learn to understand your body, since it reveals deep inner experiences of the psyche and soul. Having learned to listen to your body through dance, a person begins to understand what are the needs of the soul at the present moment. Contemporary dance can be a grand educational program for «working» with the world. Each dance is a new lesson that brings new knowledge and pleasure from learning.

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