Only in our studio you can attend “author’s” classes from Anastasia Zhukova. The programs are protected by copyright.

An individual approach to each student is important for us, we strictly follow the technique of execution, taking into account the individual capabilities of each student, adjusting it and giving personal recommendations, focusing on the personal abilities and capabilities of the body. After 3 months, we change the programs. The musical accompaniment, the load, movements, exercises, themes and “mood” of the program are changing depending on the season. Thus, with each program you reach a higher level.

Three months is the most optimal time for the student to master the program, manage to get used to it and see significant results. Then you are going to be ready for a new program, in which there will be new ligaments, movements and basic elements of dance that can expand the capabilities and load, thereby constantly improving your dancing skills and your body. All movements and exercises in our programs are based on impeccable technique that cannot harm beginners. We exclude elements of dance and fitness that can harm our students, thereby making the programs as useful and effective as possible for absolutely everyone, keeping a good load and giving the opportunity to develop.

There are no analogues of our studio, since all programs are copyrighted and developed individually by the teachers of our studio, and their use is possible only within our “walls”. All programs, regardless of the direction, perfectly complement each other, which gives even greater results and effectiveness from classes.

We try to develop those involved “comprehensively”:  – the musical component is important for us (the student must learn to hear and feel music, rhythm);  – competent base and techniques (we provide a “high-quality” base and pay special attention to the technique of execution);  – physical component (physical fitness affects the level in the development of the dance);  – the psychological aspect, emotional relief (full immersion in the lesson, memory development, getting rid of stress, since the lessons directly affect the emotional state of a person).

We look forward to seeing you at our dance studio!

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