Sensual and romantic dance of the Dominican Republic

Bachata is beautiful and emotional dance for couples that traces its roots to Dominican Republic. Not surprisingly that such passionate dance could originate only  in a hot country with white sand,  azure sea and beautiful scenery. Evenness of moves, flexibility and plasticity of bodies, romantic mood – all this is bachata. When you see a couple dancing bachata, you can see harmony and unity of partners like they are moving by invisible  wave of fascinating music. Number of bachata admirers increases steadily mainly because of simplicity of its moves. First of all, bachata is dance for couples but it can  also be  performed alone. It is suitable for people of different ages and any level of physical drill, with any dance experience or without. It is impossible not to fall in love with this dance and music, bachata will open a whole new world full of grace and sensuality.

In our school you can join the class without having any prior experience and continue improving your skills  in advanced groups and at our practice parties. If you don’t have a partner don’t worry, we form our groups considering  that number of both males and females should be equal.

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